Custom Project

We will take defined face to face appointments, Skype meetings and email communication from the first to the final step. We will plan a project with a timeline and a budget. Everything will be tailored on your needs and on your availability. 

Custom Style

We will find the location that best suits your needs and taste in order to create a customized style for the event. Everyone has a different style so, together, we will define the aesthetic that will permeate your special day.


Custom Mood

Mood is the atmosphere of a story. It’s what people perceive or notice. The mood of a moment differs from the previous one. As a story approaches its climax, in the same way the intensity level of your event should change, always with consistency. Times within the event should be clearly marked.

Support from the beginning to the end (and beyond)

We will take care of the bureaucratic procedures, room bookings, guests, the general coordination to set the tone. We will act as supervisor and intermediary with suppliers and we will be present during the event to make sure that everything you have requested is executed.